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July 19 - Long time no update again!  Just added my Hindi Sad Diamonds costume from Moulin Rouge to the movies section!  Stay tuned for a new and improved website in the months to come!  Thats why there hasn't ben any real updates lately.  :p

February 12 - Added two new creations; a replica of the Dorothea Sabina Von Neuberg gown and an original Red & Black Victorian gown!  I've also added quite a few new photos to the 'Costumes for Others' page; *8* new outfits in all!  Be sure to go and look! 

September 22 - I've added three new costumes; Pink Diamonds and the Gothic Tower Gown from Moulin Rouge as well as an original design; Lady Joker!

May 6 - Wow!  I really need to update more often!  I've added pics of my 12th Night gown which was a reproduction of a german gown; 'Cranach's Magdalena'.  I've also added a new section of costumes; 'SCA Garb'.  Lastly, I've added a bunch of 'Planned' costumes; Moulin Rouge has caught my attention yet again!  I'll be making alot more SCA garb as well in the near future!  Lastly, I added a pic of recent commission I did on the 'Costumes for Others' page; be sure to check it out!

September 19 - Back from DragonCon yet again!  I've updated with pictures of my completed Mina's Red Gown from Bram Stoker's Dracula, new pictures of my Re-Vamped Black Diamonds costume (the tails are now completely hand beaded!),  new pics of me in the Ever After 'Just Breathe' gown and a new costume; Dark Phoenix

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