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Padme's Fireside Gown

Debut - DragonCon 2003    Other Appearances - Various Dallas Conventions

Based on the outfit Padme wears when she has dinner with Anakin in Episode 2. 

UPDATE 11/12:  Finally adding a page of pics of this costume!  Mostly from DragonCon 2003.  I am very pleased with this costume; I would like to make the feather wrap she wears with this while eating eventually.  But for now, I'm happy with this!  :)

Click here for pics!

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Found the perfect wig on ebay; yes Im a dedicated costumer but not so much as to dye my hair brown.  ;)  Padme's hair is kind of rolled back on the sides into a low ponytail which is then braided.  There is also a stray bit of hair that wraps around the braid.  This wig was a great price and I definitely think it's long enough for me to create the style.

Click pic to see full size

Here is a pic of the fully dyed fabric.  I draped it over a white gown I had to show the coloring.  Unfortunately the flash drowned out the netting details so the actual look is alot more accurate in real life. Plus the underskirt fabric I am planning on getting is going to be a bit more of a silverish white or a really light silver grey if I can find it. 

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Kinda hard to see the detail on it (I need to get a better camera) but I started beading the neckpiece.  This is the collar part which has six rows of bugle beads hand stitched on.  It is about 2 inches wide which is the length that looked good on my neck; I know my neck is not as long as Padme's.  ;)   The collar is made of black crepe fabric and  is lined with thick cotton duck to lend extra strength to it. 

And speaking of strength, the collar is boned.  There are six vertical bones to support the weight of the beading there.  I'm making the collar lay just like I want it before the beads go on and I don't want the beads to pull it out of shape.


Here are some of the long strands before they get twisted together.

Click pic to see full size

Really need a clearer shot of these.  I was a beading fool this weekend and got alot done on this.  In this pic you can see 7 of the nine strands for the neckpiece completed.  The first two, fourth, sixth and seventh strands are the short strands (about 20 inches) and are made up of black round beads and then larger cut glass beads.  The other two strands are two of the four long strands (45-50 inches) I need.  They are made up of four separate strands of 1/4 black glass bugle beads twisted together.

Yes, thats my Black Diamonds costume on my dress form; thats where it is stored and I didnt feel like moving it for pics.  ;)

Started beading the 'brooch' part after attaching the beaded strands to the fabric part.  The long straight part it separate from the round bit; I sewed the beads onto the long part and then inserted it into the opening I had left in the circle.  That way the fabric (and eventually beads) would cover where I attached the strands.  Still need to add some more beads to the long part as well as secure the strands; they do not stay where they are supposed to otherwise.    The beading on the brooch is slooooow going.  I outlined the edges and the slight pattern I think is apparent in the real costume with hematite beads to make it stand out a bit from the black.  You can see my start on the black beads in the bottom right hand corner.  The whole rest of the fabric area will be covered eventually!

7/15: Finished!  Please excuse the wighead; I painted it in Magenta from Rocky Horror makeup years ago; that is not how I will be wearing my makeup in this costume.  ;)  Yep, after hours and hours of work the collar is done.  Wish you could see more of the detail, hopefully Ill get a better camera for my birthday!  ;)

7/17: Started making the mock-up of my corset. Heh, yes Im gonna be a little busty-er than the real Padme but oh well.  ;)

8/18:  Almost Done!!  Still need to add the grommets to the back of the corset and put a zipper in the back.  I've already hemmed it but did that after I took the pics.  And once again all the in-between netting on the skirt has dissapeared in the flash.  It  looks better in person.  Also, keep in mind the bottom flares a little more when there are legs in there for the crinoline to push against.  There is a small layer of crinoline at the hem to give it the 'mermaid' look.

I've also found the perfect  hedbands for this; two seperate silver bands that Ive bent a bit to lay nicely on my forhead.  Still need to make the black gauntlets too.  And figure out what shoes Im going to wear!