Instagram vs Other Social Channels

Instagram is a social media platform that is mainly based around picture content. It’s called a fun platform to edit and share pictures with your friends, family, and followers. You can also interact with pictures shared by people you follow. You can also use the platform to direct message people. You can additionally connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account to share your pictures between platforms. The Instagram platform is owned by Facebook, but they still are separate entities in a way like Disney and Pixar. Instagram is also known for being a platform that influencers use to promote products on their account and are paid to do this. Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram is a different kind of experience. Here are comparisons of Instagram and some of the other popular social media platforms out there.

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Instagram v. Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the most popular social media platform, but some drawbacks to it is that it kind of comes off as a bit too in depth about a person. Some people don’t want to share everything about themselves on social media and would rather share just some snapshots of their lives. This is where Instagram comes in. Instagram literally allows people to just share what they want to their followers. It’s a visual media opportunity to display your life without having to list your profession, location, relationship status, etc. You can continue to share your Instagram photos to Facebook if you want as well. Of course, you can always be a bit careful with how much of your life you put out there on Facebook. But generally it seems like the platform expects you to list as much detail as possible so you don’t seem like a fake account. Instagram is a better option if you prefer not putting your entire life out there with your social media presence and just want to share a few intimate pictures here and there of your life.


Instagram v. Twitter

Instagram can also be connected to Twitter for you to share your Instagram pictures onto the other social media site. Twitter is not really similar to Instagram in any way, aside from also being a social media platform. Both social media platforms utilize hashtags effectively and in some ways they are a more streamlined social media option compared to Facebook being more heavy handed. Twitter also allows you to just put certain aspects of your life out there without displaying every little thing about yourself. Instagram is more fun compared to Twitter if you enjoy sharing pictures more than sharing posts. If you are a fan of short posts using a certain number of characters than Twitter is for you.


Instagram v. Snap Chat

Instagram and Snap Chat are actually a bit more comparable in some ways. Both platforms use primarily photos for communication. They both have stories, filters, and allow you to send disappearing photo messages. Snap Chat is solely focused on disappearing messages and posts though. Instagram allows you to do a bit of both worlds. You can share posts and messages that last, and share posts and messages that disappear. People that use Snap Chat feel like it’s a more personal and personable option. Instagram is not as personalized of an option, but it kind of meets in the middle so you can enjoy the aspects of messages that disappear quickly and those that remain.


Instagram v. TikTok

Instagram was kind of the “cool” option for a while for social media. TikTok may have overtaken them in that regard. Most younger generations are focusing more on that platform compared to Instagram. TikTok is a video sharing app that is quite popular in a world focused on videos and pictures. Instagram kind of has similar features to it with their stories option, but TikTok is its own unique thing.


Instagram v. YouTube

YouTube is a video streaming and editing platform that is very different from Instagram. Numerous YouTubers use Instagram to help promote their video content. They generally share a short clip of their YouTube video on the platform and then encourage their followers on Instagram to visit their YouTube so they can go ahead and enjoy seeing their videos. This is an easy way to promote their YouTube channel. Instagram is quite different from YouTube though, even if it an excellent method to advertise for YouTube channels since it is a very visual based social media platform.


Instagram v. Tumblr

Tumblr and Instagram are very different in terms of content that you usually see on the platforms. Tumblr is more focused on memes and other content with plenty of captions. Usually the platform is full of thought provoking, humorous, or controversial content. Instagram is a squeaky clean, over filtered side to social media. Tumblr is the grittier and more humorous side to social media. It gives people that want to be a bit more serious or funny with words or memes a place to share content.


Instagram v. Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are kind of like cousins when it comes to social media. Both platforms focus on pretty imagery and filtered views. But Pinterest is more for the hobby focused enthusiast or food enthusiast. Pinterest also allows you to create boards of ideas. This is a more organized social media option for that reason. Instagram also allows people to save pictures into groups attached to their profile. It isn’t quite at the same scale as Pinterest though.


Instagram is vastly different from most social media platforms. It is a unique picture sharing experience. Although in recent years it has become somewhat of an advertising mecca and just plastered over with influencers that are just trying to sell products to people while making money off of anything that they promote. Even if they don’t actually use the product that they are promoting. Instagram is still a place that people who don’t take it too seriously can enjoy and utilize in a fun capacity. First and foremost the social media platform was designed to be fun for people to use, and that’s still where the roots of it lie