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Aurora's Little Monster
( Ickis )

Photo by Tammy Raabe Rao 2003

Ickis was my 'firstborn', he came home with me in September of  2001.  His birthday is on August 18.   The second I saw him I was in love, he was so cute!  The story behind Ickis is a little problematic; he was supposed to be a pure bred pug.  As you can see, hes not.  I think he is half Chihuahua.  You can read about how I was mis-led by his evil breeder HERE

Ickis is a big baby, I believe because of the Chihuahua in him.  He's also a big mama's boy, always running to me for the slightest thing.  He loves to have me pick him up and he wraps his front legs around my neck almost like he's hugging me.  He's extremely smart, almost too smart for me sometimes.  His best trick is to 'dance' and even spin around in a circle while on his hind legs.  But probably the most adorable thing Ick does is 'smile'.  As you can see from the pic to the left he really looks like he is grinning.  This always seems to get him out of alot of trouble, lucky for him.

Ickis will be 2 this summer, hopefully he will settle down a little bit, he is a nut!  But yep, I love him and wouldn't change him for the world.