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Cyber Geisha

Debut - 2002     Status - Sold

This is my version of a 'cyber geisha' kimono. I made this out of black crepe fabric and this really nifty red sparkly fabric I happened to find one day.  I originally planned to make the whole kimono out of the red fabric but I finally decided that might be a bit much.

I made this costume pretty quickly and wore it to a Cyber night at a local club.  Of COURSE I forgot to take pictures but it was really pretty nifty.  Put my hair up with rhinestoned hair pics and had very dramatic make-up.

UPDATE - Finally a few pictures of me in this costume!!  Yay!  These were taken May 31st, 2003 at an A-Kon; an anime con in Texas. 

Anyways!  The kimono's hem comes to barely mid-thigh and the bottom of the sleeves comes down to my knees.  I also plan on making other versions of this kimono in different fabrics; I am currently researching light reflective fabric suppliers as that would lend and even more 'cyber' look to this costume.